An edutaining social campaign that's aiming towards Social Change.

Ramadanak Ebada


A Social Change Campaign

Ramadan Ebada is an edutaining social campaign that was created by creatives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to address some mass issues during Ramadan every year.

Behaviors and Manners

There’s a lot of anger that comes out at Ramadan, this negative feeling has nothing to do with the reality behind our fasting.

Speeding and Safety

Car accidents increase in Ramadan according to statistics by Saudi Moroor. We’re creating some awareness on bad habits leading to them.

Excessive Shopping and Food Waste

This became more of a habit that has no islamic values, yet is becoming a norm in islamic countries. 

Time Management

Failure in working during work hours due to bad time management is becoming an excuse in both government and private sectors. 

Content Selection

It’s becoming usual to blame the media for having the worst programs during the month, but aren’t there good ones too? Isn’t the selection in our hands? 

Being Good throughout the Year

It’s sad that we have to pretend to be good for a while, and resurface our innerselves after the month passes. We aim to help people realize their kind side in life! 



Let’s do small good deeds to better our communities every day, rather than doing nothing at all. 
Ramadanak Ebada

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